The "Burbs of Boston" is Where Better Living Begins


77 Juniper FR 250-1








A Home Designed with Distinction

Secluded in privacy and surrounded by mature and colorful landscaping, this magnificent custom built one-of-a-kind home is the quintessence of quality. As you enter this four bedroom, two and a half bath home, you sense the tranquil lifestyle with touches of casual opulence.


Raise up Ryan


Raise-Up Ryan Brings the KP Community Together

Behind the microphone at the KP Boys Varsity Basketall home games, you will hear the voice of Ryan. Ryan is in a courageous battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and the medical costs are exorbitant.  The KP community came together with a FUN-raising event to raise funds for Ryan Hastings, a junior at KP High.


 Swans Louisa Lake

Peddle, Stroll and Picnic of The Upper Charles Trail

Louisa Lake Park is the prettiest place to begin your journey. The lake is stocked with trout and a popular place for the local fisherman. For the past thirty plus years, families with their fishing poles have flocked to Louisa Lake Park for their annual Fishing Derby. It is an enjoyable event signalling that Spring has arrived.



There is More to Me Than My Quirky Good Looks and Charming Personality!

Flipping quickly through the newspaper looking for something unique as a Christmas gift for my son, I spotted at the bottom of the page an ad for an Open House at the Acorn Alpaca Ranch in Millis.  Honestly,  I was not aware this farm even existed, how could I have not known, so I had to check it out.


Old Mill Marketplace

A Hidden Gem Dwells Deep Inside the Old Mill Marketplace

The Winsmith Old Mill has been revived and it now features the “Old Mill Marketplace”, offering a huge collection of flea market and re-purposed finds. You will find antiques, refurbished furniture creations, vintage jewelry, clothing, knicknacks and much more. Your first view as you enter is down the central corridor that links all the buildings together as one giant marketplace where vendor booths intermingle, showcasing each crafter's unique style.


Elthea's Realm

 A Rooted Desire That Never Faded

His road here took many twists and turns. “I wasn’t a great high school student in terms of grades. I was trying to fit in, I just never excelled.  During school I worked in a garage, as a mechanic and when it was time to think about college, I thought, “what am I going to do after my senior year?” John realized it was time to buckle down and when it was time to apply to college, he applied to one in his home town and Boston University.   He chose Boston University.


Passion for Speed

A Passion for Speed

My nickname was supposed to be A.J., however, when I was about nine, I decided I wanted to be called Alex, short for Alexander.  I have lived in Norfolk my entire life, went to both King Philip North, and King Philip Senior high school, and today I’m doing something I love … and maybe the nickname A.J. was more aptly chosen than I ever thought.